Tools and Expertise


VTAF is a flexible test automation framework that helps create robust and scalable test automation suites and addresses gaps in traditional test automation approach. VTAF consists of reusable components-test scheduler, customized reporting tools, ROI calculation tools, effort estimation tools, and standards which help increase software testing productivity, predictability and quality.


Vrule™ is a framework for testing rules-based applications and is designed to enhance our clients software testing productivity. Vrule™ provides a disciplined approach to testing applications that are built on all types of rule-based engines (ILOG, Blaze, Pegasystems and others). Apart from offering customization features, Vrule™ also provides a well-designed framework with functionality to kick-start automated test case generation process. Using Vrule™, our clients have realized significant business benefits—improved operational efficiency, enhanced productivity, better quality and higher return-on-investment.


VSeTF identifies the susceptibility of an application to hacker attacks and other unauthorized software penetration, by combining static and dynamic testing approaches. VSeTF’s rigorous security testing process for the web-based application lifecycle assures security by eliminating defects, reducing testing time and effort.


PerfFrame provides process guidance to execute an end-to-end performance testing project. Using a step-by-step approach, PerfFrame guides users from the initial stages through project closure. The PerfFrame estimation model is well-tested and easy to use for any performance testing effort, where users receive a customizable set of documents and checkpoints covering all stages of the performance testing process, including analysis and results.


Virtusa`s domain expertise in the insurance industry has enabled us to develop a robust test framework that addresses the key challenges encountered while developing insurance applications. Based on a flexible and reusable approach, Virtusa's PlanAdmin Test Framework can be customized to clients specific requirements and offers reusable artifacts and test script libraries. This framework helps our leading insurance clients significantly reduce testing costs, and ensures faster time-to-market for their applications.

Rate & Quote

Virtusa's Rate & Quote Test Framework addresses the health insurance sales process. The identifies basic elements and scenarios in a clients sales process, and maps test scripts and automated scripts for better control over applications to be tested. Benefits include test automation of sales process, reduced testing time, high quality deliverables and faster time-to-market.