Kore Managed IT Solutions

At VirtusaPolaris, we specialize in managed IT solutions that are thoughtfully designed, perform in the real world, and evolve so they deliver ever- increasing value to your business over time. With Kore Managed IT Solutions® you'll never lose sight of what's happening behind the scenes.

Kore Suite

We offer tailor-made solutions to effectively manage your technology infrastructure with operational excellence and ability to instantly resolve disruptions.The Kore suite of service provides solutions that are robust, scalable, flexible and cost-effective service to manage IT Infrastructure for mission-critical applications.

KoreCollaboration: With KoreCollaboration, you will have a full team of SharePoint specialists protecting your organization’s productivity. Whether your team needs assistance with content management, security, or user adoption, with KoreCollaboration, you will experience the increased efficiencies and stability of having Apparatus backing your solution, patching, eliminating errors, proactively monitoring, and continuously protecting your productivity.

We understand the challenges of deploying SharePoint broadly while integrating deeply into mission critical business processes. KoreCollaboration gives you access to world-class operations and technical leadership dedicated to making SharePoint work for you.

KoreIntelligence: Today’s world produces more data than ever before, but few businesses are taking advantage of this astounding resource like they could. We built KoreIntelligence to get the right data to the right people, at the right time, to make better informed business decisions. Your information is always secure, always available, and always actionable to drive results for your business. With KoreIntelligence, you will have a full team of experts monitoring your data 24/7.

KoreMobile: KoreMobile allows your employees to address business opportunities from anywhere. Today’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, and mobile usage in general, are revolutionizing modern business. As more and more employees bring their tablets and smartphones into your IT environment, security, compatibility, and access all become business critical concerns. KoreMobile was designed to address those concerns, knock down barriers common in the world of mobility, and empower enterprises to expand their reach to wherever their business takes employees.

KoreCloud: The move to the cloud drives the need for a much tighter integration of development and operational roles. KoreCloud brings an intense DevOps focus, offering a team that not only masters infrastructure and configuration, but is also capable of jumping in and rolling up their sleeves to deb​ug and write scripts - for all-around automation. With KoreCloud, you can rest assured that you will realize the full benefit of the cloud – whether public, private or hybrid. With Apparatus working behind the scenes, you'll experience a smarter approach to the cloud – leveraging the whole new level of scalability and automation the cloud has to offer.​