IoT is storming the business world. From smart pills to smart cities, IoT is changing the way people think. Enterprise across industries are realizing the inevitable need to capitalize on this to surge ahead of competition and to ensure long-term business survival.

IoT Offerings

We help clients understand the opportunities and benefits that are possible by unleashing the power of connected enterprise products and solutions. We leverage our business consulting led Accelerated Solution Design (ASD) methodology to create a strategic vision, roadmap, and proof-of-concept paving the way for successful IoT implementations. Our IoT service offerings include:

Improving customer experience through a reliable connection to 'things'

Creating new revenue streams through next-gen services leveraging intelligence of connected ecosystem

Optimizing business processes by consolidating platforms and enhancing employee productivity

Adopting preemptive approach to prevent business issues through real-time insights

Our IT service offerings include:

SMART Consulting

Digital Experience Design, Business Transformation,
IT Transformation

SMART Transformation

Application Outsourcing, Infrastructure Management Services, Independent Software Quality

SMART Solutions

BPM, ERP, DevOps, CEM, Analytics, Cloud, Mobile, UX Design, Platforming

SkyLab : Platform for Internet of Everything

SkyLab offers a rapid IoT prototyping lab that enables quick visualization of IoT concepts. It provides an integrated platform to innovate across IoT, machine data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality. With SkyLab, our focus is to help customers drive new revenue growth opportunities, open new markets and service lines, and provide better products and services through deeper insights. We have integrated partner technologies with our service offerings to ignite IoT innovation for clients.

SkyLab enables IoT readiness across four key areas:

• Processing high-volume data and information streams
• Storing large volumes of information
• Executing predictive analytics based on historical data
• Leveraging machine learning to drive adaptive analytics and respond in real time

SkyLab layers

Business Experience Layer

AI Layer & Robotics Layer

Machine Data Layer

IoT PaaS Platform Layer

Device/ Sensors/ Wearables

Use Cases

Creating smart products and services for insurers

Usage-based insurance | Connected vehicles | Telematics

Enhancing the quality of patient care and health outcomes

Tele-medicine | Remote patient monitoring | Smart pills | Wearable devices

Processing data to create smart, connected cities

Predictive maintenance | Real-time diagnostics | Geo-distributed sensor data analysis

Improving operations and maintenance in manufacturing

Connected supply chain maintenance | Plant floor control automation | Remote asset monitoring

Re-defining the future of banks through next-gen services

Wearable banking apps | Omni-channel personalization | Fraud detection and asset recovery

Re-shaping in-store customer experience for retail

Smart inventory | Just-in-time promotions and coupons | Geo-distributed sensor data