Mobility for Healthcare

Energizing healthcare with value-added mobile solutions

Mobility in Healthcare not only improves operational efficiency but also enhances user experience and ultimately improves quality of care delivered. Real-time integration of remote mobile devices with vital health care records (EHR/EMR/PHR) and diagnosis applications on mobile devices help clinicians get the most out of complex data and make key decisions, faster and better. With new health monitoring and wellness apps patients can take preventive steps and also track their health on a regular basis.

Mobility in Healthcare also give edge to Payer companies to deliver most of its services on a mobile app such as access ID cards, claim information, find provider, urgent care centre, pharmacy related information.

VirtusaPolaris aims to deliver mobility solutions that will revive, re-invent, and revolutionize healthcare from a whole new digital perspective.

Mobile Patient Care

We offer specialized solutions catering to specific levels of health care.

Pre-Care Mobility

Mobile apps for patients to register themselves with hospitals, look up for care providers, schedule appointments, briefly state problems, and set reminders for notifications. Solutions for care providers include receiving furnished information about the patient on their mobile devices much earlier to the appointment for providing quicker and better care.

Point-of-Care Mobility

We offer a rich set of mobility solutions available at the point of care for health care practitioners. These include Prescription and Reference apps videos, health care journals, observation apps and the like.

Post-Care Mobility

Post appointments, patients can order and track shipping of medicines from the pharmacy through their mobile devices. Doctors can in turn track patients health status periodically.

Tracking of patients requiring regular long-term care can be done in a better way through mobile apps. For example, a registered patient can specify their pick-up time for dialysis in the system, throughout the period specified by the caregiver; the request is duly picked up and processed by the Ambulance department, and the patient is picked up for dialysis on specified dates and timings.

Mobility Solutions for Hospitals

Streamlined mobile communication and real-time sharing of information across the various departments of a healthcare organization (Inventory, Bed management, Billing, Claims process) can increase operational efficiency and bring about savings in terms of cost and time. Automated and mobility-enabled triage processes ensure effective care of critical and emergency patients. Mobility can empower both the clinical and administrative functions of a healthcare facility.

Disease Management & Wellness Apps

With Medical journals, terminology browsers, reference lists getting mobilized, care providers are better equipped with knowledge in disease management. Patients on the other hand benefit out of becoming ‘social’ with doctors from world over by visiting their blogs, e-mails, and twitter pages, gaining overall health awareness. Scheduled medication alerts can be sent to patients, and they can be better monitored for accountable care.

Mobile Solutions for Payers

Claims processing is one area that can greatly benefit out of mobility. Accurate data entry bar-code automation and validation through mobile devices will ensure accuracy in billing and claims processes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, directly impacting revenue. Notification and enquiries between patients and payers can be enabled via payer apps.

VirtusaPolaris’ best Mobility practices and deep domain expertise in the Healthcare industry help our clients get real-time patient information, improved physician efficiency and the ability to provide collaborative treatment, besides their ability to deliver innovative solutions. Our Mobility for healthcare provides an integrated communications platform to effectuate simplified communication. Absence of this can result in deficient decision-making, coarse workflow and deferred responses to patients.