Mobile Sustaining Services

End-to-end mobile engagement is all about closely associating with clients throughout the mobile application lifecycle right from defining the go-to-market strategy, roadmap, architecture design, development and deployment. The lifecycle in an agile environment however is iterative and is in of a robust sustaining services support system.

VirtusaPolaris' App Support & Maintenance (ASM) service provides corrective maintenance with a tiered SLA for issue remediation and a dedicated 8/5 or 24/7 coverage offerings for applications built by the VirtusaPolaris team or by 3rd party provides after code scan verification.

For clients looking for dedicated resources to support long-term engineering efforts, VirtusaPolaris provides a "Team as a Service" with a dedicated architecture lead and platform leads to augment an existing team or manage the end to end mobile development effort.


Our differentiated mobile practice does not only bring to table, a product roadmap-driven, integrated agile digital delivery model, but also includes an integrated digital marketing offering to take your products to market.

Our offerings in this space include:

Mobile marketing engagement

Target marketing plan with strategy and recommendations

Content creation involving strategy, content creation, and review

Planning & launch including content validation, marketing plans, App store optimization, and soft launch

Mobile Analytics

Analytics planning with tools recommendation for marketing automation

Analytics tagging comprising features evaluation, analytics tagging, documentation, and selection of marketing automation tools

Analytics validation including tagging validation, initial funnel & usage pattern analysis, and marketing automation tool launch