VirtusaPolaris has partnered with Kinvey to rapidly accelerate mobile development and provide our clients with a scalable platform for integration into core systems. Kinvey securely and rapidly integrates mobile apps into SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Sharepoint, backend databases, and many more with pre-built connectors.

Kinvey is the leading enterprise mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) platform that helps our customers launch successful and engaging apps, fast. Kinvey’s BaaS provides IT consulting and outsourcing services organizations like VirtusaPolaris with a turnkey, reusable cloud-based platform on which to deliver client applications quickly and reliably, reducing risk of project time and cost overruns.

The scalable BaaS provides all the functionality and performance required to deliver five-star enterprise apps across native, hybrid and responsive web experiences. Kinvey is offered via multi-tenant and dedicated cloud deployment models, including a HIPAA Compliant edition. Kinvey customers launch applications twice as fast and at half the cost of traditional methods.

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