Platforming Best Practices

Platforming Best PracticesPlatforming is both a science and an art that VirtusaPolaris has specialized through creation of enterprise-class custom software development products and platforms.

Our Platforming is built on the following approach:

  • Conduct top-down analysis to understand clients' unique business requirements
  • Conduct parallel bottom-up analysis to explore existing assets, business logic, design patterns and frameworks that can be leveraged
  • Streamline/consolidate common and overlapping technology assets/process elements
  • Create common, reusable, “made-to-order” Organization Specific Platforms (OSPs)
  • Leverage platform’s asset base to build solutions across the business organization

Following is a representative list of VirtusaPolaris Platforming best practices:

  • Leverage Existing Assets. We increase software development efficiencies by taking advantage of existing Open Source frameworks, Service Oriented Architecture and Agile methodologies. Our Platforming approach consolidates existing technology assets into common platforms that are leveraged across business lines to build new, highly-configurable and reusable applications.
  • Stakeholder Analysis Is Critical. We conduct focused stakeholder workshops to identify and capture clients' specific business requirements from process and technology perspectives.
  • Identify Recurring Design Patterns. We unravel the underlying challenges in order to reach an effective Platforming solution to avoid creation of one-off solutions, thereby reducing effort, time and rework overheads.
  • Go Beyond Component Reuse. Our pervasive asset reuse strategy goes well beyond component reuse by capturing and consolidating technology assets and domain elements that are unique to client’s business. It encompasses the commonly recurring patterns of business processes and user behavior within the solution domain in an organized manner.
  • Avoid the Big Bang Approach. Platforming is not a single turnkey event. As a continuous journey towards technology optimization and increased efficiencies, our Platforming approach helps clients evaluate where they are today, how to develop a strategic roadmap and the implementation plan to move to next maturity level.